ECD staffLong Distance – Correspondence University level Education

ECD is changing the way Europeans and learners from around the world are equipping themselves with skills and experience to realize the career’s of their dreams. Our mission is to provide Need-to-Know and industry relevant practises so that graduates and even current learners can find employment or start their own businesses.

‘If you’re looking for an expensive Ivy League College, ECD is not for you! We’re not cared how prestigious our programs are or how many learners we can recruit in a day, we’re focused on getting our students the right skills to get JOB’s – after all, isn’t that what tertiary education is all about?’  Jean Paul Joubert

All programs have been developed and perfected over the course of the last few years, by practising professionals in the Design, Photography and Art fields. We are proud to offer learners of all ages the opportunity of studying long-distance with our proven tutoring system that has already graduated over 1800 learners.  ECD boasts a 90% employment rate from all graduates so if you’re serious about working in a creative industry – ECD is for you!